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Little Italy

Little Italy condos for sale

Condos in Little Italy

Little Italy Neighbourhood


Spanning from Kensington Market to Dufferin Grove and neighbouring the beautiful Trinity Bellwoods Park, Little Italy is a lovely and thriving area for you to settle in Toronto. From their lively Italian culture to some of the best food in the city, Little Italy is an excellent place for young urban dwellers to urban family homes. 

The main stretch of the Little Italy neighbourhood is the ever-so-popular College Street. This main street’s buzz draws many people to the small markets, tasty food, and thriving nightlife. If you’re looking to move to Toronto and experience the arts, culture, and opportunities that are alive here, then living in Little Italy is a great start. We recommend that you stay here!

So what’s to love about this charming neighbourhood? A lot. It’s tough for us to pick just one exciting thing and one big draw about Little Italy. This neighbourhood is, of course, known for being a hub to immigrants and locals of Italian heritage. The main stretch of College Street that spans Bathurst Street and Ossington Avenue is considered this neighbourhood’s home. 

Lined along College Street is some of the best food on this side of University Avenue. From Bar Isabel, Cafe Diplomatico to Bitondo Pizzeria and Trattoria Taverniti, residents of this thriving neighbourhood will never run out of things to do. There is truly something for everyone from outdoor restaurant dining, patio drinks, or chic indoor settings. And more than that, residents can quickly hop down to one of the street’s lively bars, ranging from lowkey to high-life. You can find a little bit of everything, including quirkiness, in Little Italy.  

This street is more than good Italian-Canadian food. Little Italy is home to the famous Mod Club, which hosted some of Toronto’s top performing artists in its hey-day. The Royal Cinema is also housed here, which had its debut in 1939. Theatre and film have played on these stages since its opening, and it continues to draw people from all over since it still has the large blue Royal sign and ticker across the front. 

There are also some key Italian landmarks here, such as the statue of Johnny Lombardi, who launched Canada’s first multicultural radio station in 1966. You’ll also admire the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, home to some beautiful architecture and the Italian Walk of Fame. This neighbourhood is known for being one of the best places to walk around and enjoy the shops. Grab a coffee at Cafe Diplomatico or a pastry from one of the bakeries that dot the main stretch. With access to spots like Kensington Market and Trinity Bellwoods Park, you will love the energy of this area. There are also active streetcars on College Street, Bathurst Street, and Ossington Avenue so that you will be within a short transit ride to anywhere in the city. 

Taste of Little Italy Festival.

Besides enjoying the culture of the Little Italy neighbourhood year-round, the area hosts its Taste of Little Italy Festival every summer. Food stands, live music, shops, boutiques, and street performers, as well as every-day Torontonian’s, come out to enjoy this burst of culture every year. When you live in the neighbourhood, you might have to put up with the street being closed for a week, but it is worth it. You get to experience some of the best food and nightlife on your doorstep. 

Usually hosted in the middle of June, the Taste of Little Italy Festival is one of Toronto’s best street festivals. Spanning one whole weekend, visitors and locals alike get to mingle, munch, and meander down College Street, experiencing Toronto in a different light for one weekend. 

This pedestrian-only festival allows for the street to be transformed into a walk-friendly weekend get-together. Meet up with friends and dance the night away. Performers can sign up to play music or showcase their talent at some of the bars, which open up their doors and put on street-side seating for the event. 

Of course, people come for the food. Wood-fired pizza, traditional gelato, authentic Italian pasta, and other treats can be sampled for free or purchased along the road. Other activities are available. In 2019, the neighbourhood set up a temporary skate park so kids could learn how to skate and scooter in a safe environment. This festival is fun for the whole family and will get your summer off on the right foot!

Little Italy Condos for Sale

If you’re thinking of moving to this neighbourhood, then you’re making the right choice. There is a range of Little Italy condos for sale that you can choose from. Since the district prides itself on its culture and history, know that there are only a few modern condos in this area. However, updates have been made inside, so you are sure to find something that keeps up with the current Toronto lifestyle while also settling you into the unique cultural lifestyle of Little Italy. 

Some newer builds include 707 Lofts, which was constructed in 2014 by the Enirox Group. It is a modest five-storey red-brick build with a mixture of traditional condos features and glass windows and steel framing. Housed with 77 soft loft-style condos, 707 Lofts have lots of natural lighting, balconies and patios for residents, and spacious suite sizes. So while you get the look of a traditional, soft loft, you also get many of the perks associated with new condo builds. These condos are right across the street from green space and are right next to the beautiful Church Lofts housed in an old 18th-century church. 

If you’re looking for something a little more modern, you could go with Cube Lofts, located at 799 College Street and a beautiful grey and grey brick building. Looking mellow but also stylish, Cube Lofts features a wall of windows and glass-frame balconies. Spend the summers lounging in your own private space, or chill out in the air conditioning inside. You get the best of both worlds with a more modern build like Cube Lofts. 

These are just two examples of some of the fantastic options in Little Italy. There are plenty more Little Italy condos for sale. Be sure to include the following Little Italy condos for sale on your next property tour: 


  • 540 College Street
  • Ideal Lofts
  • Button Factory Lofts
  • 130 Clinton Street
  • 455 Dovercourt Road
  • The Channel Club
  • Movie House Lofts


Little Italy condos offer a lot of options for restaurants. Stay in a quaint condo-like Movie House, or branch out in the warehouse-style Button Factory Lofts. Since many of the Little Italy condos for sale come with the charm of the heritage-style build, including red-brick and some of the original structures, you will find many gems in this area. If you’re looking for a more standard approach to condo living, then consider Ideal Lofts on Markham Street, which offers plenty of natural lighting and ample space on the balcony in select suites. 

Restaurants and Nightlife

If you’ve made it this far, then you know that Little Italy has some of the best restaurants and nightlife around. Especially if you’re looking to live on the west end, then Little Italy is the place to be. 

Known for its Ital culture and eateries, Little Italy, of course, has some fantastic and authentic Italian food. From traditional pasta dishes to Italian coffee, you will enjoy the flavours and unique cuisine, even if carbs aren’t your favourite meal. Some dine-in options include Vivoli, Giovanni’s, Cafe Diplomatico, Il Covo, Sotto Voce, and The Walton. Other style eateries include Sushi Bon, Hot Mess Tex Mex, Kasai Grill House, AllStar Wings, hapa, La Cantina, and Beerocracy. You don’t have to always go with Italian, but it is nice to have it around the corner from your new Little Italy condo at all times. 

There is fast food, and casual eat spots, like Bistro in a Box, Burrito Boyz, and Pizza Nova. For a stop in a cafe, check out Agenda, Riviera Bakery, Cafe Diplomatico, Pupuccino’s, Filosophy Pastry and espresso Bar, and Snakes and Lattes. And don’t forget about dessert. Dolce has traditional Italian gelato, and there’s also The Big Chill ice cream parlour and Menchie’s frozen yogurt. 

This area is an excellent spot for creatives. From the Blue Moth Creative services to the Super Wonder Gallery, you will continue to stay inspired. Whatever is being held at the Royal Theatre, you’ll want to be there. Meet with old friends or make new ones at one of the neighbourhood’s local watering holes. You’ll laugh at the Comedy Bar, Another Bar, Civil Liberties, and Zema Lounge and Bar. You don’t have to go far to meet up with friends or colleagues after work.